Learn how this app can help you

Screening for net nets can be a pain and most screeners are not comfortable to use.

Our app was designed to remove this pain point. We've got an always up to date database of net-nets from all around the world and we made the process of looking through them very simple.

Examples of our filters. The app remembers your last settings next time

Using our app frees up your time and allows you to spend it elsewhere, not at net-net aggregation.

You can think of our service as having an robot analyst that compiles a list of ideas for you according to your critera (our filters) and that gives you the ability to quickly go through these ideas using the stock overview page.

The stock overview section

This page visually compiles the important fundamental data for each stock. It has different sections that you can use readily and easily

The profitability section

The sections for each net-net are stock overview, profitability, margins, valuation and dilution. They are designed to give you interesting ideas at a glace so that you can then spend more time doing the due dilligance.

The valuation chart shows cheapness compared to what the stock was traded at before

This app is currently in its pre-launch state. By joining now, you can lock in a pre-launch discount.